Over 50 and job hunting, good luck

Job hunting in no fun. Okay, maybe if it is fun if you have wonderfully marketable skills and experience and the trolling job finder Head-hunters are knocking at your door eager to present you with the high-paying job of your dreams. It can  happen and has happened to many of today’s worker, but not for the average worker and especially not for the worker who has been a stay-at-home mom whose “chicks” are now out of the nest and she is prepared to go back into the workplace. Certainly, the skills she had prior to children (PTC) were remarkable, but now that this particular woman, lets call her Beth, is 55 years young and looking for a family wage job.

First of all I tell her, good luck as it seems today’s job market is centered on the youth of today. However, according to the Huston Chronicle, women over 50 can find jobs in sales (?), office jobs (receptionist), tax preparer, and  healthcare (this is a very hot job market.) Sounds, good, but kinda boring. However, a job with an income, with a good income is a job worth looking into.

Now for those with much too much imagination or ego, there is the entrepreneurial bend in the proverbial job road to financial success.  There are books from experts telling us what to do to achieve this lofty financial success goal; such as: the 4 1/2 star rated kindle book entitled, “The Road to Financial Freedom – Earn Your First Million in Seven years.” Then he qualifies this magnanimous statement with the key to his book which is a list attached to his title, “The Road to Financial Freedom – Earn your First Million in Seven years: What Rich People Do and Poor People Do.” Sorry, but this title does not inspire confidence in me, as an over 50 yr. old woman, to purchase his kindle book and find financial freedom. Figure those halcyon wage/money earning days of endless possibilities are gone. So for myself, I will pass on this particle Kindle info book.

Then we have the book by money/life guru Tony Robbins (is he still around?) Anyway, his book (another 4 1/2 star rated book) entitled, “MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom;” however, he is promoting a life-long business plan and his book is chock full of interviews, word pictures and positiveness. Do I sound a bit cynical, well I am. However, there are those who swear by Tony Robbin’s advice and are doing quite well, so who am I to say that it is wrong. It may not be wrong, but for a job hunting, income hunting worker, I am thinking his advice might not be really relevant.

I am thinking that for myself, I will go on the path to financial freedom the entrepreneurial way. And you know, there is a book for that as well. (Not that I am endorsing it, but just saying.) The book is entitled, “The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future.” Now this intrigues me. After all, it doesn’t guarantee that you will make a financial killing and makes loads of money. Hey, everything could go crashing and burning if you follow the advice from this book, but who knows it could work. So, being a person willing to take a chance of making a fool of herself once again, I will go the library, check out this book and see what advice it gives. And if it is interesting enough, I will post my findings and honest observations about following the advice from this book. What the heck, I might just learn something. And if enough people find this interesting, the next book I will review online here in The Aspie Mom Blog will be Tony Robbins, “….Money Master” book.

Stay will me on this, I believe this will be alot of fun and I would love to hear your input on what has worked for you in finding work and maybe even financial freedom.

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I look for the truth in all things and search for "Perfect Cupcake." (Which I did find once, but my daughter ate it before I could immortalize it in a photo.)
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4 Responses to Over 50 and job hunting, good luck

  1. Keith V. says:

    All the best, my fellow traveler aged north of 50. It’s not easy in the so-called “senior job market” even if the job seeker was previously employed for years. Hang in there and keep plugging away. Something will eventually swing your way.

  2. This is great. Cynicism welcome, especially when mixed with your great sense of humor, and ability to look at the silver lining. Glad you found an approach that does intrigue you. Keep us posted.

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