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Fitting In

I believe there is nothing harder than to try and be something you are not. For example, the above photo shows a black and white kitty pretending to be a Emperor Penguin. Now the first question which comes into my admittedly not exactly standard mind is, what is a wee kitty doing in Antarctica? Continue reading

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Just be yourself

…There are those who know Bill Gates and Paul Allen and say they have Aspergers aka Autism Spectrum Disorder as it is now called. Others with Aspergers or suspected as having Aspergers are: Dan Aykroyd, James Taylor and even….Vladimir Putin. Continue reading

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Health Food for the Brain?

have heard the term “Brain Food” over and over again on the internet with some website writer promoting their “perfect food” or telling us how to eat to be healthy, successful, and wise? (I am certain that caffeine must figure heavily into this … Continue reading

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